Walking in the Volcanoes Natural Park

The most spectacular area of the island of Lanzarote is, without a doubt, the one that underwent a deep transformation due to the volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1736. For many, the best way to see a place is to discover it on foot, and luckily we can take walks through this singular landscape.

 The central part of this area was declared a National Park in the year 1974, being christened “Timanfaya”. One must bear in mind that since this area is a national park, it is totally forbidden to walk through it on one’s own. Fortunately for the traveler visiting the island, there’s an area next to the National Park called the Volcanoes Natural Park where one can find a series of trails which allow us to see the most recent volcanoes up close from the Timanfaya eruptions. These trails are equipped with a series of informative panels in Spanish, English and German which supply walkers with all the relevant information on the surrounding landscape.

The Raven Volcano

From the LZ 30 road (“La Geria”), take the LZ 56 towards Mancha Blanca. The first volcano you can see on the left is the Raven Volcano or “The Limpid” (its shape is similar to that of a limpid shell, so coveted in Canarian cuisine). There’s a large parking area where you can clearly see where the trail leads to. The Raven Volcano walk is rated at a low level of difficulty (approximately 5 kms long), going around the volcano and affording easy access to the crater by a natural entrance.

Red Mountain

One minute away by car, following the road towards Mancha Blanca, we come upon Red Mountain (La Montaña Colorada). One realizes immediately how it got its name: Its slope is splashed with spectacular reddish tones. At the foot of the volcano one can admire the largest volcanic “bomb” on the island. Like the Raven Volcano, it also has a parking area and a 4.5 km long trail that circumnavigates the mountain.


One last piece of advice: Enjoy these unique landscapes and respect Mother Nature, do not venture off the marked routes since it is totally forbidden. Do not forget that every step you take off the marked route causes irreversible damage in such a fragile area.

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