The summer of 2016 has meant the consecration of an artistic – musical project which for several years had been trying to place one of the most amazing and unique spots on the island of Lanzarote in a non-tourist context. 

We’re talking about Cesar Manrique’s Jameos del Agua, a space created by the artist from Lanzarote back in the sixties whose sole purpose until now  was as a tourist attraction in a natural enclave.

The birth of a music festival in a space like Jameos del Agua was subject to criticism and its detractors soon predicted a catastrophic effect on this magnificent dream project, forgetting that Manrique’s original idea was to use it as a night club or disco, where one could go dancing at the weekend to the rhythm of a record collection that Manrique himself had acquired while in New York which was a real novelty in Spain at the time.

We don’t know whether that’s the reason why John Morales,  the mythical DJ from New York´s Studio 54 came for a second visit to the Jameos Music Festival together with other national and international mixing and music production gurus such as Kevin Yost, JL Magoya or David Kano. What we do know is that 50 years after opening its doors to the public the Jameos marquee announces disco music and its dance floors have come alive again.

The dates are chosen throughout the summer months, 4 sessions always on a Friday, starting on 15th July. The organizers (Lost Paradise) arrange coach transport from Arrecife for 3 euros for a single ticket for those drivers who don’t like taking late night risks. From 9:30 pm until 4:00 am one can enjoy Acid Jazz, House, Dance, Garage, Funk, Techno Soul, Indie or Rock, among other music in an indescribable setting for those who have never visited this natural phenomenon  recreated by the intelligence of an artist.

In this last edition the dates were sold out weeks in advance and tickets ranged between 26 to 30 euros, a true low cost luxury given the beautiful setting of the venue and taking into account the average cost of these kinds of events.

Be on the lookout for next year’s edition because it promises to become one of the most important disco music events celebrated in all the Canaries.

Next year will be the festival’s 5th anniversary and if you have the chance to visit the island of Lanzarote try to make it coincide with one of the DJ sessions. The Jameos Music Festival gives you the unique opportunity to listen to and combine a fusion of sounds in a scenario that brings together harmony, nature and artistic creativity, imbuing it with a quality that stands out over other festivals.