Our team of guides is launching a new project: Feeling Lanzarote Tours

Feeling Lanzarote Tours

Winds of change are in the air everywhere including in our cooperative and we would like you to take part in this new project.

These last months have been hard times for so many people and the tourism industry undoubtedly has been one of the hardest hit.

All crises lead to reflection and problems can become opportunities. This is the attitude that all 20 of us guides have adopted that comprise the cooperative Aboraservice more commonly known by our trade name Uniguides

Our desire is to take advantage of this time of change and make the most of our years of experience in the tourism sector and more specifically in guided excursions and tours, as well as the languages that we speak fluently and our passion for Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Graciosa and the rest of the Canary Islands.

The way in which one travels and takes in a destination is constantly changing and evolving; now more than ever we have to adapt the services we offer to the new market needs and trends; This is a short, medium and long-term project for us that means a lot of work but it’s our hope to be able to offer our own experiences, services and products so that we can manage to offer enough work to our own guides and in turn help other small businesses and the local economy.

After four months of work and reflecting on this we have come up with ¨Feeling Lanzarote Tours¨, our new Tourist Intermediary Agency and Hiking Business.

If you would like to know more about our updates and excursions then visit our web site at: www.freetourslanzraote.com and our blog posts and social media can be found under the name of Feeling Lanzarote Tours

We’d be delighted to connect to visitors and professionals alike through our web and social media sites, to get to know their needs, offer our products and customized routes.

In order to adapt to these new times we’re putting forward, among other things, a new excursion concept for Lanzarote, ¨Follow me in your car¨.

¨Follow me in your car¨ is a new form of a self-drive guided tour. The exclusive services of an expert guide, without having to ride in a bus.

All you do is follow the guide’s clearly marked car, in a line of no more than 7 cars and 20 people max, covering short distances on roads with light traffic making frequent stops to talk and take photos.

Lanzarote is a small island but with so much to offer, it fits in perfectly with this new experience.

Currently we have designed 3 routes: ¨Lanzarote Connection¨, ¨Volcanoes, Green Lagoon and Salt Flats¨ and Lanzarote Cultural Route¨, tours through the most and least touristy parts of the island, with stops at our favorite spots and always including a sampling of some local products.

We also have ¨Customized Routes¨ available with a guide which are more personalized and include different experiences.

We really want to get involved in the wellfare of the local population and the reactivation of the island’s economy.

There is so much to see and know, to feel, to share... will you join us?