Archeological sites of Fiquinineo and Zonzamas

Visit the archeological sites of Fiquinineo and Zonzamas

The Heritage Board of the Island Government has organized a visit to the diggings of the archeological remains of Fiquinineo and Zonzamas in November. 

A number of talks has also been organized for any person or schools who are interested in making the population aware of the importance of preserving these remains in order to know more about the way of life of the aborigines, the use of materials and the context in which they lived.


Archeological remains have been found in the sandy area called “el Jable” within an aborigine village called Fiquinineo. For the time being a village dwelling has been discovered although more remains are likely to be found since remains have been found in the surrounding area on the surface.


Each island has its own star archeological site and Zonzamas is the one on Lanzarote.  This area was declared a Site of Cultural Interest and it is controlled by environmental rangers. 

Currently prospections are being carried out in order to calculate the size of the village. The first archeological digs in Zonzamas took place in 1971 by Spanish archeologist Inés Dug Godoy. During these years Inés Dug unearthed a big part of the site and found a great quantity of archeological material. Unfortunately her way of cataloging everything was different and sparsely concise and in spite of having all of her documentation many things are currently of little value.