Surfing in Lanzarote

Playa de Famara

Lanzarote is an inviting place to practice water sports. One of the most common and which in the last decade has become more and more popular is surfing.

There are numerous surf spots around the island. Although you can surf all year round, the best time is from September to March, as it is in winter when the waves are bigger, even reaching 4 meters plus.

One of the best locations on the island for surfing is Famara Beach. Located in the northwest, in a stunning natural environment under the imposing Famara cliff and overlooking the island of La Graciosa. Its waves are powerful lefts breaking on a volcanic reef, an internationally recognized world class quality and consistent level throughout most of the year. On the island there are various surf contests such as the international Surfing and bodyboarding championship; the "Quemao Class" in La Santa or the "Franito Pro Junior Lanzarote" which takes place on San Juan beach.

There are numerous surf schools throughout the island, especially in Caleta de Famara but also in La Santa and Arrecife. Additional services include surfing courses and packages with accommodation or activities such as yoga.

In conclusion, on the island of Lanzarote there are perfect waves for surfers of any level, every day of the year, due to the numerous spots that always enable you to find a place with the right conditions for both learning and practicing surf.



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